NASENI’s mandate is to make available in the Nigerian market, capital goods and services based on sound engineering practices. In its years of existence, eight (8) Development Institutes which are the production arms of the Agency, have been established. Each of the Institutes is mono-mandate based.

NASENI’s intevention in the Manufacturing Sector of the nation’s economic life has been of realizing that 80% of the world’s manufacturing is based on Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT). As a result of this, NASENI in the last few years has been advocating for a paradigm shift from the utilization of conventional manufacturing technologies to the application of AMT in the manufacturing sector of the economy. This is yielding tremendous results. This is for the global competitiveness of industrial products and fast-tracking of the manufacturing processes in Nigeria. The ultimate purpose of AMT is to create wealth in Nigeria.

NASENI’s intervention in the Energy sector of the nation’s economic life has also being in the pioneering of projects on the manufacture of Solar Plant modules in Karshi – Abuja, local manufacture of Small Hydro Power (SHP) turbines and installation of same in each of the six geopolitical zones of the country, the design and production of Pole Mounted Transformers, and the design and production of wind turbine blades, etc. All of these will boost the power situation in the country especially in the rural areas.

Amongst other areas of the Agency’s involvement are the areas of Reverse Engineering, Nanotechnology, Education, Agriculture and so on.

We hereby advise the Science and Engineering Community and the SMEs to take advantage of the work being done in NASENI and the facilities available to fast-track their manufacturing processes and upgrade their Research and Development (R&D) Knowledge.

Want to learn how? Look at our Intervention areas to identify your area of interest and contact us through our Technology Business Development Department, email us via or fill our contact form.