Names and Years of Past Director Generals / Executive Vice Chairman

  1. Professor Gordian O. Ezekwe (FAS)1st Chairman/CE 1992 – 1997
  2. Dr. T.I. Obiaga (OFR) DG/CE1997 – 2003
  3. Professor Olusegun O. Adewoye (FAS)2003 – 2012

The target of NASENI and its nine development institutes is to domesticate existing technologies. Such methodologies are standard having been utilized by bodies similar to NASENI in East Asia to further advance the quality of products, create new products or find better ways of innovating existing processes or technologies.

This great mandate has since been driven by men of vision and passion to ensure that there is a paradigm shift in technology. These men have vigorously carried out their responsibilities as spelt out in the Agency’s mandate from time of inception till date. The Agency was structured in such a way that the man at the helm of affairs has the nomenclature of a Vice Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer.


The, late Professor Gordian ObumnemeEzekwe, became the first Vice Chairman/Chief Executive of NASENI, from 1992-1997. He was a Mechanical Engineer by training, who was appointed by the then Head of state, General Ibrahim BadamosiBabangida when he discovered that the late Ezekwe was a walking encyclopedia of engineering, whose heart beat was to revamp the nation’s economy through local technology.

He undertook several postgraduate engineering apprenticeships in industries in Nigeria and the in the United Kingdom. He began his academic career in Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology in 1960 as Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and 1966, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at UNN and after the Nigerian Civil war, was promoted to a Professor in Mechanical Engineering at UNN in 1974.

He was one of the leaders of the famous Science group during the Nigeria civil war, where he made outstanding contributions in Engineering Design and Fabrication. He was also appointed by the Federal Government of Nigeria as Director/CEO of Project Development Institute (PRODA) from 1976 1989, during which as a visionary and achiever founded SEDI-E in 1979. Was the Federal minister of Science and Technology from January 1990 to December 1991. In January 1992 he was appointed the first executive Vice Chairman of NASENI, a post he held until his death in June 1997.


The title: Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer was, however, changed to Director-General/Chief Executive during the tenure of Dr. Timothy Obiaga (1997-2003).Dr. Timothy Obiaga continued where his predecessor stopped, thereby ensuring that there was continuity in fulfilling the mandate of the Agency.


Late Professor Oyeleke Olusegun Adewoye (2003-2012), an erudite scholar from University Manchester, England where, Ph.D in Metallurgy and Material Science at the University of Cambridge in 1976 took over from Dr. Obiaga in 2003.Unarguably, Prof. Adewoye achieved great feat in his 9 years as the Director General/Chief Executive of the Agency.

As Director-General of NASENI, Professor Adewoye dramatically transformed the Agency by giving quality and visionary leadership, a trait he was well known for. Like the legendary Midas, he turned around the fortunes of the near moribund agency and succeded, within five years, in establishing two new specialized high tech centres to join the six already in existence in the Agency.

Professor O.O Adewoye had many Public Services and Professional Experience that enable him to make meaningful Contributions to the University and the Nation which are among others.