The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) was established in 1992 by the Federal Government after the recommendations of the White Paper Committee on the 1991 Report of a 150 member National Committee on Engineering Infrastructure comprising Scientists, Engineers, Administrators, Federal and State Civil Servants, Economists, Lawyers, Bankers and Industrialists. The mandate of NASENI is specifically in the area of Capital goods, research, production and reverse engineering. NASENI, by its mandate and scope of operation is the Nigerian only purpose built Agency designed to conduct developmental work in the areas of manufacturing and as such, it is capable of coordinating the proliferation of technologies developed either within or outside of its Centers including patents obtained. Technologies developed in the areas of spares, components and systems engineering are to be transferred to Entrepreneurs for the production of goods and services. Nigeria can have the benefit of a rapid technological development by strengthening NASENI. The mission of NASENI is to establish and nurture appropriate and dynamic Science and Engineering Infrastructure-base for achieving home-initiated and home-sustained industrialization through the development of relevant processes, capital goods and equipment necessary for job creation, national economic well-being and progress. A vision is, therefore, set to create an enabling knowledge-driven environment for local mass-production of standard parts, goods and services required for the Nation’s Technology Advancement. The mandate of NASENI is specifically in the area of capital goods research, production, and reverse engineering with respect to the following broad areas:
  • Engineering Materials;
  • Industrial and Analytical Chemical Materials;
  • Scientific Equipment and components;
  • Engineering Equipment;
  • Engineering Designs and Standardization;
  • Power Equipment;
In a bid to fulfill its mandate, NASENI established various development Institutes in order to: provide Engineering Infrastructure as a vehicle for Technological Development; provide science infrastructure such as the Primary Science Kit (PSK) required to demystify science to children, laboratory supplies (e.g. burette, pipette, etc.) and equipment for capacity building in areas such as electrical engineering to foundry technology; develop engineering designs and disseminate same to SMEs in order to standardize Nigerian made products and make them globally competitive, assist other stakeholders in identifying needs and provide information for critical choices for joint venturing; define and maintain best practices within and without its institutes. In pursuance and fulfillment of its mandate, the Agency established several mono-mandate institutes spread across the country. Click here for more information.