NASENI, Indonesia Agree to Focus on Development of Science & Technology to Empower Nigeria’s SMEs
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As New NASENI Acting Executive Vice Chairman says he will Focus on Development of Projects and Programmes which Create jobs, Eradicate poverty and Enhance High Performance of Nigeria SMEs.
The new NASENI we all desire is one which uses engineering principles to create jobs, address poverty in Nigeria and also empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to produce products which can compete for both at local and foreign markets
With above remarks; the Acting Executive Vice Chairman/CE of National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) Engr. Dr. Aliyu Maje Adnan at the weekend welcomed the Indonesia Ambassador to Nigeria, His Excellency Harry Purwanto, and team to NASENI headquarters in Abuja.
Without mincing words too; Ambassador Purwanto concurred to the vision of the new NASENI management team, he said: my visit to NASENI is to strengthen building of capacities that would enhance development of science and technology for Nigerian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in carrying out their operations, using engineering and technology principles.�?� 
The Indonesian Ambassador further stated that the Indonesian government was ready to collaborate with Nigerian government through NASENI to build capacity in the development of Nigerias economic frontiers, adding that Indonesia was known for its expertise in the area of science, technology and engineering, clean technology, mining and manufacturing of small engines.
Historically speaking in the early 90s, it would be recalled that Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia were the nations that Nigeria Government Panel visited to observe the models and ways the ASIA countries transformed own economies in order to set up the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure(NASENI) specifically 1992 (26 years ago). Today, those three (3) countries are among the fastest growing economies in the world while Nigeria economy is still crawling. At Nigerias independence in 1960, Indonesia and Nigeria were shoulder to shoulder in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or per capita income. Just like NASENI, Indonesia has a well-structured system for the development of science and technology infrastructure in their country. The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) is Thailands national agency for Science &Technology and one of the leading Science & Technology centers in Southeast Asia. NSTDA was established in 1991 under a special law and is governed by an Executive Board appointed by Cabinet just like NASENI.
According to Adnan, NASENI must return to its original focus. He said, the primary mandate of NASENI is to empower Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) through importation of technologies, engineering principles and practices for the production of equipment that will meet international standards as well as the sustenance of flourishing local capital goods or industry.
Coinciding with the visit of the Indonesian Ambassador was the Agency new thinking of repositioning NASENI to focus on production and manufacturing of industrial tools that is needed by SMEs for their local productions. The Acting EVC is advocating for a paradigm shift in ways which NASENI does business so that the primary focus of the Agency shall be to empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as contained in its enabling acts. He said if no SMEs or entrepreneurs come to take up patents and technologies produced in research institutes, then something must be wrong with the approach we are using. There is, therefore, need to change the approach and strategy. He said further that the Agency would henceforth focus on its primary target of reaching out to the SMEs to know what they actually need before going into production of any equipment or machines.
While commending the Ambassador for visiting and seeking stronger ties with the Agency in areas of science, engineering, and technology capacity building, the NASENI boss said that the Agency will keep the existing relationship between it and Indonesia alive and also move it to the next level.
We will strengthen the existing relationship with Indonesia and keep it alive in order to move to the next level to allow joint programmes that are beneficial to both parties especially focusing on SMEs in developing science and technology that will not only create wealth for the nation but tackle unemployment and eradicate poverty, he said.
Adding NASENI is returning to its primary mandate to focus on Science and Technology that would impact directly on SMEs. We will no longer dwell on projects that do not make impacts directly on the people.He also noted that partnering with Indonesia would mean developing capacity on science and technology orientations that would improve SMEs operations such that Indonesian government will bring on board capacities that would boost Nigeria's science and technology development.
Adnan promised that the Agency would appoint a desk officer to work with Indonesia Embassy to develop a MoU that would enable both parties to know areas to build capacities and improve on what would be beneficial to both countries while not discarding existing collaborations under the previous administration of NASENI.
Earlier in his remark the Indonesia Ambassador Harry Purwanto said the visit included efforts to explore all areas of collaborations with NASENI, adding that his country was specialized in building capacity on science and technology development. We are bound on exploring things that can develop the two countries or beneficial to both countries. We are here to explore areas we can enforce and synergize our capacity and cooperation with NASENI. We build many things: ship, airplane, small machines, agriculture, mining equipment, clean technology and things that apply directly to people needs.
According to the Ambassador, we can build capacity with scientists and engineers in NASENI to produce things that can apply to Nigerian needs. Capacity experiences can be shared with friends like NASENI because there are some similarities in what the two countries do. We are ready to work on any project that you think we are good in especially in sharing offices, workshops and other areas that can develop both countries.
Olusegun Ayeoyenikan
Deputy Director (Information & Protocol)